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On Tap is a group created by design and business strategists including myself, focused on applying a triple bottom line by design framework to deliver competitive advantage from a financial, environmental and social perspective, in the form of design solutions. With this proposal, On Tap introduces ICED РIn Case of an Emergency or Disaster Рa mobile app with print and online support designed to mitigate the complete lack of awareness about preparedness for natural disasters.

ICED value proposition can be divided into three main benefits:

  • Its application allows users to generate awareness and gain basic knowledge about disaster preparedness-mitigation during his/her daily activities.
  • It develops communities by organizing users around their needs and their capacity of self-reliance in times of emergency.
  • It utilizes common technological platforms and languages that targeted users already understand (Foursquare) to maximize its effectiveness in delivering its preparedness message.

Besides these immediate benefits, ICED has the potential to become a platform to organize users around activities that need preparation but are not directly related to disasters. With that, the ICED platform can easily be adapted to prepare users for activities that need constant awareness and are not part of daily activities, as a way to ingrain them into their daily routines.

Video explanation of how the application works: