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Duck Co., a New York based company built upon Triple Bottom Line by Design (TBLD) pricples created with colleagues during my graduate studies in Design Management.

The Opportunity:
The baby products industry as a whole currently generates over $7 billion nationally, which globally could reach $66.8 billion in 2017. In the United States new parents spend on average $9,000 to $11,000 on their first-born child. We see this as an opportunity for Duck Co. to enter the soft baby-products market and penetrate with more sustainable alternatives. Narrowing into the specifications of our primary target market which includes first time parents with family income of $75,000 and over, means a possible market of 340,000 families.

Product description:
Totem®, Duck Co.’s first carryall baby bag, exists as a practical solution to the issues of convenience, customization, and adaptability of most high-end baby bags currently on the market. It offers an eco-friendly alternative made from Barkcloth found from the mituba tree in Uganda, that addresses these issues and eliminates the barrage of chemicals, synthetic dyes, toxins, wasteful materials, etc. that are present in many of our competitors’ products.